About Us

The Wok Bar is a fully halaal Asian noodle and sushi bar.

We have combined the best of Korean, Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisine and bring you a fusion of these exotic cuisines.

Our skilled chefs cook the dishes that you create on hot woks in our open kitchens. The selection of flavourful combinations are almost infinite and we invite you to get creative and experiment with our different sauces.

If you are not in the mood to experiment, we offer a small, well curated selection of signature dishes which have become iconic meals.

We truly believe that in order for us to deliver food that is rich in nutrients and explosive with flavor we need to start with the freshest ingredients & transparency.

We pride ourselves on using absolutely fresh produce procured each morning as there can be no compromise on freshness and quality.

Not only can you taste the level of quality that goes into your meal, but you can also have a look at every step that goes into creating your meal with our open kitchen.